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Best Seller! 


Stainless Body 1200g




ATAGO is the leading manufacturer of refractometers (brix meter) and polarimeters as well as salt meters, acidity meters, pH meter, and saccharimeter.

We not only offer traditional analog refractometer, we also manufacture handheld, digital, benchtop, and Abbe refractometers for you to choose.

 Refractometers are used in many industries including food processing, canning, beekeeping, brewing, winemaking, distilling, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, machining, automotive, oil,

petrochemical and water quality industries to measure the percent (%) Brix, salt content (salinity), water content, sugar content, colosturm, Baumé (°Bé), Oechsle (°Oe), alcohol content or

specific gravity (sg) of transparent or semitransparent fluids, suspensions, mixtures, dispersions, emulsions, pastes and substances such as salt water or seawater, brines, fruits, juices, soft

drinks, energy drinks, wines, liquors, condensed milk, jams, jellies, honey, industrial lubricants, antifreeze, ethanol, battery acids, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, electrolyte solutions,

paints, and chemicals.


To learn more about refractometer please visit here: What is Refractometer? 




What is Near Field Communication ?


Some of our PAL sereie digital refractometer have NFC feature.

NFC is a data transfer feature, that allows users to transfer datas from unit to their phone.

This feature is available on our PAL Pocket Refractometers, helping save time and recording data in a efficient manner.

Click Below's Image for demo video! 





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